'Amiche, Friends'  

From neighbours we became best friends. From being at each others side since birth, it is crazy to think that we now have our very own unique swimwear line that we adore...

 Amiche swim came to us like it was meant to be. From sitting having coffee by the beach we caught up and both expressed our idea of individually starting a swimwear brand, not knowing the other was thinking the same. Everything happens for a reason and we took this as a sign and started to plan what would become Amiche Swim. We combined our visions and teamed up to create an inclusive swimwear brand that cherished vintage style and merged it with the modern fashion climate. 

'Italian Vintage Made Modern'

To understand completely who we are as a brand its important to understand why we chose our name Amiche. The word is the Italian translation for friends. As we are both from Italian heritage, we have grown up under strong Italian influences, absorbing the lifestyle, attitudes and trends - which we ultimately aim to honour with our swimwear brand, Amiche Swim

This brand is not only a representation of ourselves but the people who have inspired us. Therefore we have spent countless hours designing, testing and manufacturing our bikinis to ensure they are of the best quality. 

'Friends look out for each other so let us look out for you'

​We are so honoured for to you to join our Tribù Amiche, it is our promise to you that we will always provide you with amazing support and better yet, some ROCKING swimwear. 


Ciao Bella's
Rebekah & Giorgia